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Photo of President Kinsei Seishi Co., Ltd.
President and
Representative Director
Wataru Takenouchi

With the support of its many customers, Kinsei Seishi achieved its 100th year in business since its founding in Kochi City in 1917. We are dedicated to being a pioneer in the industry by taking on the challenge of anticipating future trends, while carrying on the spirit of technological innovation inherited from our predecessors and taking pride in our long history.
As the first company in Japan to produce nonwoven fabrics using domestically-developed technology, Kinsei Seishi aims to lead other companies in the development of new products together with our customers while unearthing their diverse needs related to a variety of applications, including sanitary, medical, food, filters, wipes, and construction materials. At the same time, we will continue to produce general purpose products and highly functional non-woven fabrics while remaining committed to the value and quality that “Made in Japan” stands for.
A unique characteristic of our company is that it can manufacture products entirely in-house, including everything from supplying raw materials to manufacturing finished products using a variety of non-woven fabric production lines and conversion equipment. Together with our group companies we have a system in place that enables us to respond to any and every demand made by our customers by offering secondary conversion, lamination, and commercialization services in addition to unprocessed nonwoven fabrics.
A company is a group of people. I believe that its full potential can be exploited by uniting the power of each person working there. We at Kinsei Seishi are committed to delivering even better products to Japan and the world by sharing value and putting dependable quality and safe operations first, under the open and transparent labor-management relations.

Photo of President Kinsei Seishi Co., Ltd.
President and
Representative Director
Wataru Takenouchi
Corporate Overview
Company name
Kinsei Seishi Co., Ltd.
June 25th, 1951
72,850,000 JPY
Wataru Takenouchi, President and Representative Director
114 (as of September 2017)
Main Business Activities
Non-woven fabric manufacturing;
non-woven fabric and Japanese paper conversion and sales;
film manufacturing and sales

-Non-woven fabric:
manufacture of non-woven fabrics for food, household domestic, medical & sanitary, filtration and other applications; conversion and sales of non-woven fabric products

conversion and sales of Japanese paper products for filtration, food, and other applications

■ Headquarters & Kochi Factory
63 Iguchicho, Kochi-shi, Kochi, Japan 780-0921
TEL:+81-88-822-8105 FAX: +81-88-822-8108

■ Hidaka Factory
277-3 Shimobun, Hidaka-mura, Takaoka-gun, Kochi, Japan 781-2151
TEL: +81-889-24-4000 FAX: +81-889-20-1576

■ Tokyo Sales Office
5F Rinkei Bldg., 2-8-9 Iwamotocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan 101-0032
TEL: +81-3-5823-5611 FAX: +81-3-3866-8606

Affiliated Companies
Hikari Kako Co., Ltd.: Paper & nonwoven fabric conversion, laminating
Asahi Kako Co., Ltd.: Paper & nonwoven fabric conversion

Company History
Founded as Miura Shoko Co., Ltd.
Renamed to Kochi Seishi Co., Ltd. after merging with other factories in the same industry as part of wartime reorganization of businesses carried out by the government
Established as Sanei Seishi Co., Ltd. in Iguchicho, Kochi City
Renamed to Kinsei Seishi Co., Ltd.
Succeeded in developing dry-laid nonwoven fabrics
Introduced manufacturing facilities for chemical bonded nonwoven fabrics
Construction of Hidaka Factory
Established Hikari Kako Co., Ltd.
Achieved ISO 14001 environmental management certification Established Asahi Kako Co., Ltd.
Introduced new manufacturing facilities for air-laid nonwoven fabrics at Hidaka Factory
Halted operations of Japanese paper manufacturing facility
Introduced film manufacturing line
Completed new warehouse at Hidaka Factory
Introduced equipment for hot melt-lamination
ANEX 2018 Awarded New Product Award at Asian Nonwoven Industry Comprehensive Exhibition
JAB CM009 Certification mark